Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rocker Boy and Babe

Boy and I had to meet twice in order for it to sink in. We aren't too quick like that :) The first time we met, it was at a concert. Since then, or a respectable time thereafter, I have fantasized about a rock-glam concert themed wedding:

Imagine if you will, the fantastic cover band. The pallet of purple, black, and chrome. The rockin signature cocktails named after song titles. The tables named after awesome concert venues (of course I would include the Crowbar, don't be silly). The kick ass accessories like ticket-themed save the dates. The slightly daring short wedding dress. Plus, we could take a bride and groom picture in front of a giant amp, and those are gosh-darned rocky road cupcakes. Rocky frickin road cupcakes!

It seems perfect. We love music, have been to at least 20 concerts together during our courtship, and even met cute at a concert, even if we don't remember it.

Of course, it could never be. In order for it not to feel like a cheesy theme, we would really have to go all out in a way that I just don't think I'm comfortable with. I will say time and again during my planning process that it's my giant Irish-Catholic family that wants a traditional wedding with all the trimmings, but I will be lying every time. My family would wince behind the scenes, but they would grin and enjoy my rocker wedding if it was what I wanted.

Sigh... it's not.

I want a ridiculously big flouffy white dress. With tulle. Layers of it. I want a long veil. I want to quickstep my first dance to an indie rock song. I want a BIG white cake covered in flowers. Lots of bridesmaids. An obscene amount of food. And dancing. In black tie.

I'm sorry rock wedding. You're awesome, but you're not for me.


Crystal said...

Ooo! It's so pretty though! Most times you see a theme board like this that uses hot pink and black, so it's neat to see the electric purple. I love. (I'm a purple person at heart, really.) That bridesmaid dress is to die for. Seriously. :)

PS - And yes, I WILL be commenting on every post of yours. Hope that doesn't get too annoying of me..

Sarah said...

Not at all- I'm glad to know someone is out there! The blog gives you an odd sensation of talking to yourself.

I LOVE the purple instead of the pink. I love pink, and I certainly don't wish to speak ill of any pink brides because those weddings can be stunning, but I always felt like the choice was a bit selfish because it's such a "girl" color. I suppose that the electric purple is girly too, but that tie was too awesome to pass up. (on their list it's called an emo tie :) )