Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flower Power!

Sorry, that was corny.

I've completely fallen in love with Ranunculus, yet another flower that I cannot have (without big cost) for my wedding. Since I'm still thinking about arranging flowers myself, I need to start reseraching what will be in season for my wedding.

My goal? Have a flower plan made and in hand for this July 4th weekend, so I can try out the options with what is really available at my local wholesaler.

Crazy? Maybe. But it will give me something really fun to do during the summer, and I like that.

So according to this and several articles I found when googling, these are the pretty flowers which bloom in the summer! (at least the ones I like)

These are pretty and have a wildflower feel to them. They'd be great for a garden wedding!


Another garden flower. These are very pretty and come in lots of colors.

Calla Lily

I know, I know. Brides kill for Callas. For some reason, they're not doing it for me, but they are beautiful.


Definitely lots of options here. They don't feel very formal, but I'm sure they can be dressed up.


This is my first big winner! I had lots of Freesia scented things from Bath and Body Works when I was a teenager, but never knew what the flower looked like. They are beautiful and would make a great addition to a hydrangea bouquet...


I can't believe that I forgot these pretties when thinking of white flowers. When the family and I lived in California, we had a huge flowering gardenia bush/tree/thing along our front walkway. They're a lovely compromise between a rose and a peony.


A nice option for height, and I know that they are available at the wholesaler I have in mind. I worry about snapping them on the trip though.


Feminine, easy to get (they grow in my parents' yard), and very wedding-y. I'm sure they'll show up in some way.


Another contender. In this picture, the white are roses and the purple are Lisanthus. Evokes a similar feel of the Peony, less structured than a Gardenia.

More to come later, but for now, which do you like best?


Crys said...

I like the gardenia the best, but freesia is pretty, too. Doing your own flowers is a great idea, I think. Except for the bouquets, though. But really, florists are so over priced!

M said...

The cosmos caught my eye. Of course you know that I like hydrangeas. Freesia geet thumbs up.

Sezzy said...

I <3 the freesia as well! I don't know why I never considered it before...

Anonymous said...

I like the lisanthus, also the hydrangea ( they have such a great smell), yet i feel they might not survive in the heat. They need lots of water. Hydrangea comes from the root word hydro meaning water. Also for the Gladioa it looks really formal, but when people sit at tables they like to see each other and might remove the flowers from the table defeating the whole effect. I love the gardenia...it smells great, but wilts very easliy and will turn brown around the edges. And what I can remember a little pricey. The freesia is beautiful. And I agree the dahlias dont look as formal as i thought they would look.
I hate calla lilies... i feel they are for the dead...but that is just me. Also the aster is really nice and it will withstand the heat..they will not wilt as much

Anonymous said...

I think all the flowers are sooo beautiful! I really like the hydrangeas, and of course gardenias are absolutely GORGEOUS! :)

Anonymous said...

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