Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bye, bye land of make-believe

It's starting to get real. Really real. And... uhm...

Theoretical wedding planning world is a pretty un-stressful place to be. There are no worries in happy, fluffy cloud world. Hell, we can have flippin unicorns as our ring-bearers! We can have peonies in July! I can magically look beautiful in a sheath dress!

Not so much.

So here's the list of things I wanted to have taken care of by June:
1. Lose 15 pounds
2. have brilliant, creative wedding theme
3. decide on venue
4. get wedding party together

And while two of those admittedly big things are taken care of, the first two.... the not so completed ones... are the ones that are looming large at the moment.

Especially the second one. The first, I'll deal with at dress time. The theme, or overall feel of the wedding is what I'm fretting over at the moment.

Because I just don't know.

I was sketching out some Save the Date ideas yesterday, so I snapped a picture and sent them over to Boy. He showed the necessary approval with my work but rightly pointed out that they're a bit... bland. Yes, they have our colors and they incorporate the things we want/need in an STD but these designs definitely aren't going to knock anyone's socks off.

What now? Search wildly for inspiration, that's what! Here's some of what I found (clicky all for big and source):

Ok, that last one was just for fun :)

The overall feel I'm going for is simple, personal, and fun. I'd love there to be a little bit of unexpected in there too. We could even do some fun playing with our date in Euro format 3+7= 10 and all that jazz. hmm....

So much to ask for one little postcard!

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Crys said...

Don't forget that it's just a save the date, also.. No need to fret if it's making you crazy!

My favorite design is the third one down, but the top one is really nice, too.. It would be fun to incorporate paw prints or something somewhere into the stationary although maybe that's not the impression you want to give to people at first.. Maybe thank you notes? Ha, I think too hard about this stuff..